Dear visitor,

The company you’ve come to know as Alleco Products has gone through a rebranding process. During our pilot phase, we’ve decided that our name, logo and visual elements require an update in order to fit our international aspirations and the company's values and vision.

We are - Valtamer.

Valtamer is purpose driven, rugged, adventurous and reliable. Our roots stem from Nordic divers and the rough northern elements. Our brand and products reflect these conditions and our marine heritage. Valtamer was designed as a brand to be taken seriously. We believe you can be proud to work with Valtamer equipment and software.

The reasoning behind our rebranding is related to the relatively high frequency of companies with similar names to “Alleco”. Also, we feel that our rugged and purpose built products deserve a unique brand to match. The ownership of the company has not changed.

Together with the launch of our new brand, we celebrate the launch of our upgraded products. The new sleek design of Alltab underwater tablet, makes it lighter and easier to operate with improved connectivity to external devices. To name a few new features, we’ve added a waterproof USB port which improves above surface connectivity and makes charging faster. The Navigator application has a more tactical and convenient user interface.

Allhub, the underwater GPS navigation enabling buoy system, was completely re-designed. As a result of Nordic design and craftsmanship the buoy is lightweight, easily portable, rugged and stunning in appearance. Combined with the updated software, the new Allhub is superior to the previous model.

We wanted to inform you regarding this development. We kindly ask for your patience, with regard to information on our website being updated, as in the coming weeks we undergo the change from Alleco Products in to Valtamer.

Check out our new social media channels to learn more. With any questions you may have concerning the new brand or upgraded products, contact a Valtamer team member or

Best regards and thrilling dives,

— The Valtamer team